“Spirituality is the resolute pursuit of Cosmic Consciousness. To realize such a state of Divine Consciousness, devotion is essential. All activity aimed at turning the mind towards God is a form of devotion.”

This website is dedicated to the teachings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the embodiment of divinity and pure love. The quintessential feature of His writings and discourses is His emphasis on living in the Constant Integrated Awareness of the God within and without. His writings and discourses are characterised by the beauty and sublimity that can only come from a living Embodiment of Truth. His is a gospel of Love.

Sai Baba has never sought to create a new religion or following. His aim has been to spread Dharma, Righteousness, by re-establishing the teachings of our scriptures in every heart, so that each aspirant continues the worship of his/her God with deep faith and renewed conviction.

In as much as His teachings transcend the learning of scholars of the world’s great religions and of intellectuals, they are noticeable for their simplicity and so provide a practical guide to even the unread aspirant on how to live. His teaching that one should “Love All and Serve All” encapsulates the essential teachings of all religions, and has become the guiding star in the lives of His devotees.

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Silence  (daily sadhana
of practicing silence)

Be Happy (daily sadhana
of seeking happiness)

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R.A.C.K. (daily sadhana
of kindness)

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