Worldwide Akhanda Bhajans &
Sathya Sai Baba's Birthday Celebrations

Worldwide Akhanda Bhajans

Akhanda Jyoti Jalao Sai Mana Mandir Mein…
(“Sai, please light the eternal flame within the temple of my heart and illumine my intelligence; light in me the flame of divinity, knowledge and love.”)

Of all the Sai programmes for promoting harmony and unity among peoples of the world nothing is so far reaching as the “Akhanda Bhajans”. This unique offering of non-stop 24 hour bhajan singing is an attempt to make all devotees in every part of the world conscious of their Divine essence and to experience oneness in devotion. Akhanda Bhajans are held annually in Puttparthi and around the world, in Sai Centres from Tokyo to Vancouver and from Fiji to Trinidad.

This offering of devotion was started by eight families in Bangalore in 1945 during World War II. When these families wrote to Bhagawan seeking permission to have these bhajans in Puttparthi Bhagawan blessed the idea and named it Akhanda Bhajans. He promised them that He too would attend.

Subsequently, when office-bearers from all parts of the world assembled at Puttaparti for the Second World Conference, they prayed for a date when they too could offer this devotion in their own places. And so, it was decided that in all centres in the world, bhajans and nama-sankeerthan would be held for 24 hours. Since then, Akhanda Bhajans have been scheduled for the second Saturday and Sunday of the birthday month in November.

What is a period of 24 hours when we consider the vastness of the universe and the eternity of time? It is just a wink, a minute part of the life of man on earth. By engaging ourselves in the recitation of the Name of God for one single day, can we claim to have done bhajan ‘without a break’? Swami says Akhanda Bhajans must be as continuous as breathing itself if it is to deserve its name.

Akhanda Bhajans involves constant contemplation on God in the morning, evening or even during the night time. It is constant contemplation on God during all the three states of being – the waking, dream and deep sleep. It is “Sarvada sarvakaleshu sarvathra Harichintanam”, said Bhagawan, explaining the significance of the spiritually elevating marathon.


Swami says, “You too must pass your days in song. Let your whole life be a bhajan. Believe that God is everywhere at all times, and derive strength, comfort and joy by singing His glory at all times.” When global Akhanda Bhajans 2013 commence at 6:00 pm in Prasanthi Nilayam thousands will assemble as they do every year in the resplendent Sai Kulwant Hall and join in chorus, immersing themselves in nostalgic memories of the golden years when Bhagawan officiated the Akhanda Bhajans.

“When you love me, you love all; for you begin to feel, know and experience that I am in all.” Baba



Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Birthday Celebrations

On 23rd of November, we celebrate the anniversary of the advent of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Every step in the career of the Avatar is predetermined. Rama came to feed the roots of truth (sathya) and righteousness (dharma). Krishna came to foster peace (shanti), and love (prema). Now all these four are in danger of being dried up. The establishment of dharma is the main reason this Avatar took birth. The teaching of dharma, the spread of dharma, that is His objective. The miracles are just a means toward that end.

Millions of devotees from all over the world flock to Prasanthi Nilayam on this day. What brings them to this sanctified land? Love. Without love, few would come from distant places. You have to receive God’s love, and you have to offer your love to Him. Both are one and the same love. God’s love is reflected in each one of us. That is the meaning of the declaration in the Bhagawad Gita: “A spark of Mine is present in every being.”

Swami does not rejoice in the celebration of birthdays. His constant blessing for all has always been “May all be happy.” He once said:

“I do not relish the celebration of my birthday or pompous decorations for the purpose. Such ostentation is not good for anyone. Adopt a practical attitude toward spiritual life. With holy thoughts in you on this auspicious day, you must go out into the world and spread your sacred feelings among others. Don’t confine your feelings to yourselves or retain them only during your stay here. Spread them wherever you go.”

Let us bring something into our daily practice as evidence of our having known the secret of the higher life from Him. Let us show greater brotherliness, speak with more sweetness and self-control, and bear defeat as well as victory with calm resignation.

He advised that we need not be jubilant on the day when He took birth in a human form, for birth and death are inevitable incidents in the careers of physical sheaths. Worth is judged by what happens in the interval. That is what one has to be jubilant over. He advised us to utilize that period for the progress of the spirit.


Be a pilgrim even while attending to your daily duties, just feel that each moment is a step towards Him. Do everything and dedicate it to Him, take your actions as directed by Him, as work for His adoration or for serving His children. Let us test all our actions, words, thoughts on this touchstone: “Will this be approved by God? Will this rebound to His renown?”

Swami requires from each of us no other gift, no other valuable offering than the heart that we have been endowed with. “Give Me that heart, as pure as when I gave it to you, full of the nectar of love I filled it with.”



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