The Sri Sathya Sai Organisation started in Kobe, Japan in May 1975 with the blessings of Baba and the steadfast efforts of our elders, particularly the late Dada Jhamatmal Khubchandani and the late Bro. Ramchand Chugani. During the initial 3 years regular bhajans and other activities were held in Kobe, whilst in Tokyo Sis. Chizuko Tsuyama concentrated translated and printed the Sanathana Sarathi in the Japanese language every 2 months.

Over time, Bro. Ryuko Hira took the lead in Tokyo and eventually appointed President of the Sathya Sai Organisation of Japan by the Chairman of the International Sai Organisation, Bro. Indulal Shah.

The Organisation grew rapidly in various cities, from North Hokkaido to South Okinawa. Conferences, seminars, public meetings, Sadhana Camps, EHV dramas were held regularly in different parts of Japan. Many books were translated in Japanese and printed.

Presently, there are 27 Sai Centres/Groups across the country. The Organisation hosts its own website in English and Japanese.

Bro. LP Chablani's untiring efforts helped to improve the quality and discipline of bhajan meetings. New Japanese Bhajan CD's were recorded every year. To-date there are 23 CD's. This has enabled the number of Japanese bhajan singers to grow immensely, with the result that there has been a leap in devotion.

This, in turn, inspired Japanese devotees to learn the Vedas, which they have offered in the Divine presence, before and after MahaSamadhi.

Additionally, the SSOJ organizes regular seva activities in the community, and was one of the active responders during the earthquake in 2011.


Narayana Seva

Seva for the disaster victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake

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