Self-confidence is confidence in the Self. It is the unwavering love for the Divinity that is within. Self-confidence is thinking all the time that God is within oneself, and that God is doing everything. When one realizes that God is not outside, one gains Self-confidence.

Swami said that confidence in oneself arises through the Atman, which is one’s inner reality. One should have faith in one’s judgment, intelligence and ability because the God within tells us not to falter or fear. If all actions and deeds, whether social, spiritual, scientific or cultural, proceed from confidence in the Self and are therefore in harmony with Atmic principles, they will be productive. If all people of the world understand and experience Self-confidence there will be no room for fear or worries.

Without Self-confidence no achievement is possible. If one has confidence in one’s strength and skill, one can draw upon the inner springs of courage and raise oneself to a higher level of joy and peace.

Swami wants us to be happy. He told us to be like lions in the spiritual field, ruling over the forest of the senses and roaming fearlessly with full faith in victory. What will help us to develop this confidence? Baba tells us to be equal-minded and satisfied with what one has.

Self-confidence cannot be purchased or obtained through learning. It is based on deservedness. To attain deservedness, one must develop divine thoughts. If one has faith in God, He will protect one in the face of all adversities.

Where there is Self-confidence, there is love, and where there is love there will be peace, there will be truth, and there will be God. With Self-confidence one can achieve Self-satisfaction, with which one will be able to have self-sacrifice. This will lead one to Self-realization.

“I am always with you, in you, above you, beside you, around you. When you recognize Me as the dweller in your heart you will walk on the path of self-knowledge, self-confidence, self-satisfaction and self-realization.”


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