“If the four qualities of Sathya, Dharma, Santhi and Prema are present in a person, he will manifest the divinity that is in him.”

Swami explains that Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Righteousness), Shanti (Peace) and Prema (Love) are the hallmarks of a purified heart, where God is enshrined and is manifest. He explains that the Lord, who is the embodiment of Love, can be experienced only through Love. And as the incarnation of Truth and Righteousness, He can be realized only through Truth and Righteousness.

Human values are born with man, they are not got from outside. However, man in his ignorance is not aware of these values. But when man sheds his ignorance he will experience his divine nature. Qualities like forbearance, sympathy, truth, love and compassion are spiritual qualities and are essential for people everywhere, at all times. They are not associated with any particular nation, faith or community.

Love is the foremost of the human values for it is the under-current for the other four values. When Love is associated with thoughts, it manifests itself as Truth. When Love is associated with feelings, it produces Peace. When Love animates actions, it results in Right Action. When Love is combined with understanding it becomes Non-violence. And so it is said the five human values are as essential for a human being as the head, hands and legs for the body.

As to Love, of foremost importance is the love of God. Where there is love there is sacrifice, and from there purity of heart arises. And so, there should be a fusion of love, sacrifice and purity.

In fact, the human values and sub-values can be better grouped under the following three heads: pure thoughts, pure words, pure deeds. These need to be co-ordinated with one another for the five human values are not distinct, they are all facets of what Swami describes as “the foundational humanness”. They grow together and with them there is absence of inner conflict. Without these attributes, no one is a complete human being.

Baba explains that Truth is expressed through speech. Righteousness is expressed through the body. This is related to the physical sheath. Peace can be experienced only in the mental plane. For Sathya, Dharma and Shanthi one has to purify the instruments of speech, body and mind. Love comes out of the mental and bliss sheath. Non-violence comes from Bliss sheath. Love flows as an undercurrent in all the inner instruments and purifies them. So all the five values relate to the five sheaths.

Such is the importance of these values that it is said a society without values will cease to be human. The development of the society, the state and the nation is proportionate to the development of the human state. If human qualities are lost, the honour of the society and the nation will be lost. Swami said the more human values are cherished, the better will be the growth of the society, the nation, and the world.

Baba explains that Sathya is the basis of Dharma (the spiritual way of life), which lays down individual and social duties and obligations. Sathya is also the root of Prema and Shanti. Sathya is enough, no other God needs to be worshipped.

Baba also explains that wherever Sathya, Dharma, Santhi and Prema are emphasised, in whatever religion or language, there is Sanathana Dharma (the Eternal Gospel).

Swami also explains that the man filled with good qualities like Truth, Love, absence of jealousy, ego and hatred, can see God without searching for Him. He becomes a Jnani (a man of spiritual wisdom). Indeed, Baba says that whoever tries to understand the five human values properly and who practises these values and propagates them with zeal and sincerity can be described as a truly educated person.

Baba says that if we want to eliminate bad qualities like hatred, envy, pride and ostentation, we have to employ Sathya, Dharma, Santhi, Prema and Ahimsa as the cleaning instruments. In fact, human values should predominate in men’s thoughts, for human life has no meaning without these values. Thus, He says to be a true human being, one has to practise these values in daily life.

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