On Man’s Duty

“One’s duty is to act; act well, act in fear of God; act within the bounds of morality; act in love; continue acting; the consequences will naturally follow as the fruit follows the flower.”

“When you dedicate your life to God and adhere to the path of righteousness you can sanctify your life and achieve peace, happiness and prosperity.”

On the Power of the Mind

“Man’s mind is the cause of his bondage or liberation. Hence, the mind has to be turned towards the sacred path. It should be concentrated on actions related to service to others.”

“You purify your mind by engaging in sacred activities.”

“Sadhana means converting bad into good, transforming evil into virtue. This calls for the right use of the mind. Man is not aware of the potentialities of the mind. The mind is the cause of all our sorrows and joys. The powers of the mind are indescribable, in one moment it can encompass the universe.”

“The state of the world, good or ill, depends on the behaviour of individuals. There is nothing wrong with the world in itself. It is man’s wrong desires which are the cause of his misery. Hence, keep your minds ever pure and unsullied.”

“Attachments, longings and cravings all cloud the mind.”

On Meditation

“Real meditation is getting absorbed in God as the only thought, the only goal. God only, only God. Think God, breathe God, Love God, Live God.”

On Winning God’s grace

“God’s grace will be showered on you only when you put into practice at least a few of the Lord’s injunctions.”

“It is not enough to acquire degrees. You must learn to acquire God’s grace. The means of getting divine grace are: devotion, surrender, ethical discipline, inquiry and determination. When you succeed in these tests, you will experience the grace of the Divine.”

“God’s grace automatically follows Sadhana. This is the law.”

“The primary duty of man is to share with other children of God the infinite boundless love that God showers on him. Serve all, love all. Serve joyfully, intelligently, selflessly, being ever-grateful for the opportunity. There is the best way, the most pleasant way to earn the grace of God.”

“Do not crave for recognition and respect for others; crave rather for winning grace from the Lord.”

“Fame is a fickle figment.”

On Women

“Remember that women have a vital role to play in the world. Our ancients recognized the primary importance of women and gave them appropriate status in every respect. Cultivate humility, which is the hallmark of true knowledge. Develop self-confidence, without which nothing worthwhile can be achieved in life. Above all, have firm faith in God. Learn to lead a life of righteousness, Truth, love and beauty. Become beacon-lights for the world.”

On Self-confidence

“Self-confidence is thinking all the time that God is within you, that God is doing everything. When you realize that God is not outside you, then you gain Self-confidence. When there is Self-confidence there is love, there will be peace, there will be truth, there will be God.”

On the World’s problems

“The economic problems of our communities and nations can only be resolved when selfishness and self-interest are given up. Science and technology have devalued humanity itself so much, so that the present generation of young men and women are unable to recognise their Divine nature. They consider self-centredness as the goal of life.”

“Modern education bestows only information; it does not lead to transformation.”

On Silence

“One of the first principles of straight living is the practice of silence. For the voice of God can be heard in the region of the heart only when the tongue is stilled … Silence is the speech of spiritual seekers. Soft, sweet speech is the impression of genuine love.”

On Science and Spirituality

“The fundamental difference between science and spirituality is this: science is concerned with investigating the external phenomenal universe. Spirituality is engaged in exploring the inner workings of the Divine. The scientist is one who has an external vision. The one who has an internal vision is a saint.”

“All scientific investigations are based upon the intellect. All spiritual explorations are based on the heart (or on the consciousness).”

“It is supreme folly to consider that the spiritual is divorced from the physical and that the material world has no connection with spirituality. Spirituality runs like an undercurrent through every aspect of life – social, political, economic and moral. This basic truth has been forgotten today. People have faith in the transient. This ever-changing world is based upon the unchanging divine.”

On Personal Freedoms

“Freedom does not mean living as you please. Self-control, self-satisfaction, and self-knowledge constitute together the supreme expression of freedom. Freedom today has been equated with licence. This is a travesty of freedom.”

Love The Lord to know Him

“Many of you often come to Puttaparthi or visit other holy places. You hear scholars expounding the scriptures. You have observed great and noble souls. What is the benefit? How have you improved by all this? Have you succeeded in at least recognising your rajasik (passionate) and thamasik (dark) habits and tendencies? Recognizing them as deleterious is the first step in removing them. Have you become more and more serene and poised (Sathvik) as the years go by, or are you the same dull or perhaps fiery individual? If you must know the Lord, you must love the Lord and lead your life with good conduct. Hatred or even indifference will result only in misunderstanding. Develop close association with the Lord and He will reveal Himself to you.”

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