Sai Baba has always been a great exponent of the Vedic way of life and of Vedic culture. In a discourse He explained that the Vedas are Eternal Truths; they existed even before the people of Bharat (India) discovered, practised and experienced them. They are not meant merely for Bharat but for all people on earth.

He explained it is not correct to claim that Bharat is the birthplace of the Vedas. The Vedas were simply discovered by the people of Bharat. The Divine Author decides what should happen when and where; as He decides so it takes place. The atmosphere in India was congenial for the revelation and the growth of the Vedas. The Vedas were drawn towards the hearts of the sages of this land, this Karma-bhoomi, this Yoga-bhoomi and this Tyaga-bhoomi. Other lands pursued bhoga and so their atmosphere was overcharged with worldly aspirations and achievements. The Vedic message could not therefore be easily understood there. Since in India, the spiritual quest was sincerely pursued, along with material objectives, people here had the good fortune of the Veda Mata, Mother Veda, incarnating.

Baba points out that this does not mean that the Veda Mata has not blessed other lands or is absent therein. The Veda is omnipresent.

Baba urges the study of the Vedas, because the sacred Veda instructs all that one requires for his spiritual advancement. In His words, it instructs one in the means and methods to overcome all sorrows and grief. It instructs one in all the spiritual disciplines which can give unshaken peace. He says the Vedas are the authority for accepting the Divine as the source of everything in creation. The Vedas have recognised the uniqueness of human birth and proclaimed the existence of God. There is authority in the Vedas for everything that we experience in daily life.

Baba reminded people that the Vedas are the soul that sustains the spiritual life of Bharat; they are the breath that keeps the people alive. They possess a divine power, amazing in its effects. They are charged with the vibrations of mantras, which can be experienced by those who go through the process scientifically. They can impart also the strength derivable through symbols and formulae of Tantric nature. ‘Tantra’ means “the means and methods of utilising the mantras for one’s own good.”

Baba explained that man’s karma becomes holy and sacred when the mechanics (yantra) of life are ruled by Mantra and Tantra. The technique of this sadhana is in the Karma Kanda of the Vedas. The ancient sages became aware of this and have preserved it for mankind in the Four Vedas.

In that same discourse, He explained that the scriptural texts of India – the Vedas, Vedangas, Upanishads, Smrthis, Puranas and Ithihasas – are repositories of profound wisdom.


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