Creation proclaims the will of the Lord and everything that we see is a manifestation of God, who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. God is immanent in the entire cosmos. The universe does not exist apart from God, in fact God permeates all creation infusing it with divine energy.

The Creator of this marvellous and beautiful cosmos, which consists of moving and unmoving objects, has been worshipped as God by many names and in many forms by various people. Adored by Muslims as Allah, as Jehovah by Christians, as the Lotus-eye Lord by Vaishnavites, the One who confers health and wealth, He is revered as the One Supreme Omni-self.

It is said that man is derived from the Divine, is sustained by the Divine, and has to merge in the Divine. There is divinity within every living being. Therefore, it is said that unity underlies everything.

Baba teaches:
“The Lord is as far from you as you consider Him to be, and as near as you feel His presence. It is your own feelings which account for the distance. God is present in the subtlest atomic particle and in the vastest object in creation.”

There is no need to search for God outside oneself. God dwells in man as the universal protector and the Self-effulgent flame. If this is recognized, it is easy to get rid of egoism and attachment. Baba explains that self-confidence comes from knowing that God is within and that God is doing everything.

Surrender does not mean that the devotee and God are different. True surrender implies the sense of Oneness with God.

To experience God within, the first requisite is purity of heart. Only when man directs his love towards God will man be able to experience the divine within him. For this, God’s grace is always there, it neither comes or goes; one must tap it with effort.

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