Sai Sarathi:

Our annual magazine is released on Bhagawan’s Birthday and contains Swami’s discourses, personal contributions from devotees and annual reports from the wings of the Organisation.

Spiritual Blossoms:

A newsletter entitled Spiritual Blossoms is published 3 times per year and begins with Swami’s discourse, contributions from the Youth and Bal Vikas, and Chinese and Nepalese devotees. There is an Educare page which provides insights in practising the 5 human values, this page is a must for teachers and parents. Occasionally, there are also special features and personal contributions. Since 2005, the newsletter has been improved with colour pictures of the activities and events since the last issue.

Other Publications: These include:


  • Arthur Osborne’s Shirdi Sai Baba, the Question and Answer book, and Pathways to God
  • Booklets in Chinese on the Gayatri Mantra and the Ceiling on Desires programme
  • Audio CD of Chinese bhajans written by Hong Kong devotees


  • A bhajanavali, with bhajans in Hindi, English, Chinese, and English SSEHV songs
  • “Grihalakshmi”, a book for Sai women
  • “The 9 Forms of Devotion”, a book by Sai women
  • Sharavanam: a DVD of Baba’s darshan with narration of His words
  • Bhajan CDs “Prema” and “Sai’s World”


  • A Maths SSEHV book entitled “Mathematics through Education in Human Values”
  • “To Teach Not To Punish”: SSEHV approach to correcting 50 common misdemeanours
  • “Teacher’s Survival”: a SSEHV guide for teachers
  • VCD on the SSEHV programme for distribution in schools


  • 2 vegetarian cookbooks, entitled “Ahimsa” and “Ahimsa 2”
  • Greeting cards with Swami’s quotes, suitable for Christmas and every occasion




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